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Online services

Welcome to the 21st century law office
Ohio residents can reach us day or night to prepare a divorce or dissolution, write a will, start a business, or obtain legal advice without leaving their home. All you need are a computer and a credit card to pay fees that are far less than attorneys charge for face to face representation.

Online Services

Every legal problem needs a lawyer's advice, but some don't require a hands-on attorney. Timonere Law Offices offers a 24-hour online portal to provide legal advice and documents for clients who want an uncontested divorce or dissolution, a simple will or to form a business. Online clients interact with an attorney who prepares legal documents for them with instructions on how to complete their case, execute their will or set up their business. 

In addition to document preparation, our attorneys can provide online clients with legal advice and coach them on how to represent themselves in court. his service has saved our clients thousands of dollars in fees.

Please CLICK HERE to access our online services.
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Our online services include: 
• Ohio divorce and dissolution
• Wills, powers of attorney, and living wills
• Ohio incorporation package
• Ohio LLC package
• Legal advice by phone
• Legal advice by email

Call us now for help with your legal problem at (440) 576-5297
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