Jane Timonere

Jane Timonere is the owner and managing attorney of Timonere Law Offices. She has worked in law offices for more than 30 years, including several years when, as a single mother of four, she put herself through college then law school to give her children a better life and fulfill her dream of becoming an attorney.
Just after she began to practice, Jane took a part-time job as a trial attorney for John Wynn, whose family has practiced law in Jefferson, Ohio since the 1950s. Jane took over Mr. Wynn's practice when he retired in early 2003. Since then, Jane has successfully represented thousands of clients in northeastern Ohio.
Having worked with Elk & Elk, Jane has significant experience in personal injury law; however, Jane's areas of expertise covers domestic relations work, custody matters (which includes grandparent custody), criminal representation for violent crimes, sex offenses, drug cases and DUI's. Over the years, Jane has also gained a solid reputation for her appellate representation.
All said, when the people of northeast Ohio need an attorney, Jane Timonere has proven herself to be the lawyer her clients need.


  • Jane is amazing

    “Jane is amazing and will fight for you until the end!”
  • Marlo Sams  Recommends Jane Timonere

      Just awesome and engaging
  • Amada Watson Recommends Jane Timonere

    I spoke with the office at length about my case involving getting my daughter's last name changed. Unfortunately I went to the initial hearing before contacting a lawyer and flubbed it. I really wish I had contacted this office before I stepped foot in court. Jim took a great deal of time talking...
  • 5 Stars

    Overall ***** Responded in timely manner ***** Answered questions clearly ***** Understood needs ***** Gave complete and clear information ***** Knowledgeable in legal area ***** Good value for money ***** Would hire again Yes Would recommend to friend Yes Worked on my ca...
  • Eric Surrena Recommends Jane Timonere

    It's not very often that I would need an attorney, but after this experience I wouldn't hesitate at all to call attorney Timonere. They went above and beyond any expectations that I could've had. Just a willingness to want to help out people in a fix. I couldn't have hoped for a better attorney. ...
  • Bonnie Botteon Recommends Jane Timonere

    Very kind and informative. Easy to talk to and would recommend to others.
  • Cherylyn Valentino Recommends Jane Timonere

    I spoke with a paralegal. It was a much needed conversation and was WONDERFUL.Thank you so much. I can't tell you what it means...
  • Kelly Rutushin Recommends Jane Timonere

    I would recommend this lawyer.Gave me clear information. Contacted me in a timely matter. Was very knowledgeable and understood my needs. I had a great connection with this person. This will be the lawyer I hire when the time is right or for any legal matter that comes up. I thank you for time an...
  • Beth Renn Recommends Jane Timonere

    Very prompt in calling, knowledgeable about steps that need to be taken.
  • Maria Cherol Recommends Jane Timonere

    The Timonere law firm was very knowledgeable and assisted me with my case. The service was heartfelt and sincere. Would definitely recommend!!
  • Jaquelyn Vignero Recommends Jane Timonere

    They cared about what I was going through and helped me everytime I had a question. They were all understanding and it helped me get through this process. Thank you so much!
  • David Dickey Recommends Jane Timonere

    Very helpful explained things thoroughly
  • Wendell Roberts Recommends Jane Timonere

    Was a very great help.
  • Thomas Hunt Recommends Jane Timonere

    The lawyer called me immediately. She was knowledgeable and sincere. I truly appreciated the empathy and advice. I would wholeheartedly recommend this firm
  • Steve Patton Recommends Jane Timonere

    I needed to talk to someone about a legal matter dealing with used car warranty, they responded quickly and went over everything I needed to know on the phone. Courteous, exceptionally knowledgeable, and gave me plenty of resources to check. The lawyer I talked to also informed me of things that ...
  • Matthew Rowley Recommends Jane Timonere

    Really nice and helpful and did a lot more for me then they had too.
  • Frank Crenshaw Recommends Jane Timonere

    jane help me very much as she was able get the lawyer to drop the case against me with nocharge to me, now that is good work,
  • Joanne Devine Recommends Jane Timonere

    Very helpful, friendly, caring, understanding of my situation.
  • David Nardozzi Recommends Jane Timonere

    If you care about your child's wellbeing. Spend the money and hire Jane!
  • "Hankenstein" Recommends Jane Timonere

    Jane is the best!
  • Nicole Recommends Jane Timonere

    Jane has been great with me and answering all of my questions. She's made this whole process a much smoother one. Thanks!!!
  • Gwendolyn Timonere Recommends Jane Timonere

    Legal trouble is scary. Jane made me feel comfortable in the court room. I was hesitant to her advice at first, but have since found out the hard way that she sees the bigger picture and what is the best obtainable outcome. The office staff is always courteous and understanding of the high stress...
  • Lisa Aponte Recommends Jane Timonere

    I've known Jane Timonere for 20 years and in that time she's proven to be an honest, hard working attorney who will go the extra mile for you. She has helped me out of some tight spots over the years. I would highly recommend her for any legal issues you may have.
  • Robby Reb Recommends Jane Timonere

    Great Attorney. Best legal advice I ever got!
  • Paul Blair Recommends Jane Timonere

    Professional, courteous, heard my story outright, when you have an issue that could affect the rest of your life, especially when you don't have a criminal record and didn't do anything wrong, you want someone to listen and to understand, not just tell you what you want to hear, the paralegals an...
  • Nicole Applegarth Recommends Jane Timonere

    Timonere Law Offices represented me in my child custody and child support case in Summit county. Jane is so personable and always responded in an extremely timely matter! Any worry I had, she was just a call away. She helped me to feel comfortable and confident the whole time and before all the c...
  • Raevyn Duris Recommends Jane Timonere

    I was referred to Timonere law by a coworker. They spoke nothing but great things about them, And it was nothing but the truth! Unfortunately I am stuck with my current attorney but they have helped me with advise and any questions I have had with my case. Truly nice people and you can tell they ...
  • Darlene Morgan Recommends Jane Timonere

    I cannot stress enough how great Jane Timonere and her staff are! Through a difficult divorce and a couple other unrelated problems that I had to seek out legal advice about, they were attentive, patient and compassionate. Jane definitely does not represent the common negative labels that lawyers...
  • Kristy Hosken Recommends Jane Timonere

    They returned my call in a quick manner and we went over this over the phone. Highly recommend
  • Jeff Spring Recommends Jane Timonere

    Just a wonderful and caring practice of legal professionals, I'm excited to have them help out my family
  • Mark Polycandriotis Recommends Jane Timonere

    Can't say enough about Jane the entire Timonere team. Professional, determined, attentive, reassuring, affordable, and dedicated to their client. Never expected to have to hire an attorney to represent me, and out of the myriad of attorneys out there, I am extremely happy that I found this firm. ...
  • Christopher Ward Recommends Jane Timonere

    Excellent legal advice at affordable prices
  • Tricia Lute Recommends Jane Timonere

    Dealing with the legal system is never a happy affair. Going through a divorce, custody battle or other legal issues is very frustrating. Jane is compassionate, kind, professional and caring. They cannot perform miracles, but got me the best possible outcome in my divorce. They will be honest as ...
  • Rhonda Vishak Recommends Jane Timonere

    I had a great experience with Jane Timonere..she helped me with my custody. She has been there for me through out all of it..yes she is not your typical Attorney, that's what I like about her.Down to earth..thats not what makes "a good attorney ". and yes, i would highly recommend her.
  • Mike Jones Recommends Jane Timonere

    Jane and her team has always been very helpful and understanding. I highly recommend her if you are seeking and legal advice or representation.