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Remote Access Services

There are laws and procedures apply to every legal transaction, even those that are simple and straight forward.  So, divorcing spouses may agree on the terms of their divorce, but they don’t know how to make it legal.  The same is true of folks wanting to form a business, write a will, contract, purchase agreement or complete any transaction that must be put in the proper legal form.  Years ago, our office decided our clients shouldn’t be charged for the work they did arriving at the solution for their problem just because they need us to put that solution in the proper legal form.

That is why we created Remote Legal Services, and it happened before COVID-19.

Clients who have the use our Remote Legal Services input information to us via the Internet and over the phone which our attorneys use to  create the documents you needed to complete their legal case.  We include complete directions on what to file, how many copies, and, in uncontested divorce for dissolution cases, a script of what to say in court.

The attorney who constructs these documents represents the client only for that purpose and guarantees his or her work will be legally acceptable.  Our fees for this service are far less than in person representation and far more accurate than purchasing blank legal forms online or in office super stores. 

Our clients have relied on our Remote Legal Services for more than 10 years and saved thousands of dollars doing so.  Call us now, you could be our next satisfied client.