Remote Access and Limited Representation

Years ago, we decided our clients shouldn't be charged for the work they did arriving at the solution for their problem.  For example, some people who decide to divorce do the hard work of arriving at an agreement concerning child custody, property division, debt assumption and spousal support.  They just need someone to help them put things together so a court will grant the divorce and give the agreement legal effect. Recognizing this, we adapted our practice to provide Limited Representation to anyone who needing help formalizing the solution to their legal issue. 

In uncontested divorce and dissolution cases we prepare all the documents the client needs to file and obtain a decree. We give the client a detailed list of instructions of what to file, when and where.  We also include a “script” of what the client must say in court.  We do this for a fee which is far less than we charge for traditional representation.  We offer the same kind of Limited Service representation for folks wanting to start a business, write a will, contract, purchase agreement or complete other, standard transactions requiring knowledge of the law.  

We found that Remote Access to our services has worked well for us and hundreds of our clients.  We got even better providing legal services through Remote Access when COVID changed the world. 

The lockdowns and quarantines created a need for even healthy people to have Remote Access to necessary legal services.  In response, our lawyers learned to make more effective use of telephones and web meetings to communicate with clients who formerly had to come to the office for an appointment.  We use client input from Remote Access to prepare wills, contracts, sales agreements, and even divorces and dissolutions.  As a result, our Remote Access clients get the legal help they need without leaving home.  Remote Access methods also streamlined lawyer-client interactions and saved our clients a great deal of money.

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